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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man reviewed

What would you do if you get some cool major-league superpowers like the Spidey? Fight crime? Save the world?
‘Naah! There are people who handle this sort of thing’
To show-off, to win friends and the most important, to impress a girl in high school, that’s exactly what any 15-year old would do and that’s what makes our friendly neighborhood Spider-man so special. He is not perfect, he messes up real bad, he tries hard to prove himself, he is hungry for praise, he ditches her crush on their first date, he is a jerk but he is awesome. This is not exactly a review, in its stead I’ve made a list of some of the awesome changes in the character of Peter Parker and his alter ego Spider-man Marvel has made that makes the Spider-Man homecoming the best Spider-Man movie so far:


  1. Backstory: I think everybody in the galaxy is aware of the story of ‘the boy and the radioactive spider’. Although it’s always fun to watch Peter getting bitten and discovering his new powers thereafter, but this time they have done a wise job by skipping that Part and also Uncle Ben’s death, which has not only saved a lot of crucial opening time but also gave space to other much more exciting Spidey adventures.tom
  2. More Peter Parker than ever: Peter Parker is a teenager and heretofore two great actors have played the role yet we’ve never seen justice being done with the character. A lot of people may have a problem with me declaring Tom Holland as the best Spider-Man/Peter Parker because most of us have a deep nostalgic relationship with Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man including me, I grew up on that but let’s be honest guys, when Tobey was playing Spider-Man, he was 27, when the Amazing Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman came out, he was 28 and it turned out to be a disappointment but Tom Holland (21), he is the perfect Peter Parker. Tom Holland’s Pete is nerd to the core, he is naive, he is socially awkward with a foot still in childhood, he plays Legos with his nerd buddy Ned after school and he has a huge crush on Liz (Laura Harrier), a senior and this time he’s not carrying a camera every where he goes. He is just the way he is meant to be, awesome. Vlogging all the way through the Stark Tower and in the middle of the Civil War was hilarious, director Jon Watts has done a great great job establishing the character as an overwhelmingly excited kid who is just not used to being a Superhero.2017-07-17 (8)
  3. Not actually a superhero: You will not get a lot of swinging around in this movie because Spider-Man is not completely a superhero. He is a regular school going kid with everyday problems, he has to reach school in time, he has got homework, classwork and also Spanish Quizzes along with the back-breaking task of saving the city and proving himself worthy of being an avenger to Mr. Stark. The entire movie is basically about Peter trying to make a balance between his normal life and his superhero life. The simple reason why we could all relate to him is that he is one of us, the way we used to be in our high schools, impossible crush and a bully who never misses any chance to pick on.2017-07-17 (13)
  4. Not Alone: Pete in Spider-Man Homecoming is not a sad loner, he’s got friends and a mentor in Avengers, the Iron Man himself. He’s also got a friend, a sidekick, a confidant, Ned Leeds who is a tech genius and comes up with the stupid idea of impressing Liz with his super spider abilities. The Tony-Parker relationship is awesomely portrayed and is one of the most important aspects of this movie, Tony tries to be like a father for Peter, the type of father both of them never had.2017-07-17 (5)
  5. Costume: This movie has both, the worst and the best Spidey costume so far. The loose and ugly red and blue suit with a hoodie was the best Peter could make, which kind of makes sense. In all the other movies, Peter himself designs his spandex suit which raises questions, if he has such great designing skills, why da faq he sticks to low paying photography job for income?2017-07-17 (4)
    He obviously needed an upgrade, which was done by the ‘genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist’ Tony Stark. The high-tech Spider Man homecoming suit was the coolest suit ever, equipped with 576 web shooter combinations like Taser or Grenade webs, Lazor targeting system, web gliders, holographic display, GPS Tracking system, in-built parachute, artificial intelligence, better vision and with the spider emblem that is actually a drone. One of the best features for me was the vacuum fitting function which allows Peter to slip in and out of the costume very easily. Now you don’t have to wonder how does Peter fits in that thing.
    That is not it, at the end of the movie Peter is offered a new upgraded suit which was the BIGGEST EASTER EGG for Infinity War in the entire movie. The Iron Spider Suit which looked nothing like the comic version of the Iron Spider Suit, has been finally been revealed. The Iron Spider Suit is one bad ass armor whose secret wonders are yet to be unleashed. Beat that Batman!2017-07-17 (7)
  6. Comedy: Spidey is loved for his one-liners and hilarious punches, this movie took it to a whole new level. They have done a great job developing the character of Peter and certainly succeeded in making the most comic accurate Spider-Man ever, much better than the last one, who was very cocky and unfunny. He cannot keep his mouth shut while fighting and goes on messing up more often than not. That Vlogging scene was so amazingly hilarious that it had all the audience rolling in the aisles.liz
  7. Love Life: There was Liz who ultimately left the city, leaving behind Pete and his unfulfilled dreams. Except her, there was no Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane,wait!! Or was there?
    Remember the scene when the strange girl Mitchell says that her friends call her ‘MJ’, that had my spider sense tingling.mj
    What if she is MJ (Mitchell Jones/Mary Jane) in upcoming movies in the Spider-Man series, why else they would focus so much on a weird girl who likes to sketch people in crisis? What if this whole movie was a set-up to introduce MJ and show the relationship building between the two of them?

    What if this entire movie was a set-up to somehow make Spider-Man a part of the Avenger series?
    It makes sense because apart from the post-credit scene there was no big revelation, the movie was just a big wonderful ride in the city of New York where Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is on the qui vive.


    The movie is not as intense as it was expected to be, the little action sequences were not choreographed well. Nowhere in the movie you feel like something big might happen, there was also very less swinging around. Usually in Hollywood movies, either New York City or the world is always on the verge of demolition, but in Spider-Man, you don’t feel like anything was at stake, the villain Adrian Toomes aka Vulture (played by Michael Keaton) was nothing more than an alien-scrap thief and a smuggler of weaponry. It may disappoint some people but according to me, that was a wise thing to do considering the immature character of Peter Parker who is still learning how to be a superhero.


    The post credit scene introduced Mac Gargan aka Scorpion and also raised a very crucial question, Adrian refused that he knows the real identity of Spider-Man upon asking by Mac, which could mean that either he had a change of heart which is highly unlikely or he is planning something more terrible.


    According to me every frame of the movie was enjoyable and if you have not watched it,
    why do you do this to yourself?