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‘FAN’ review: For all the SRK FAN(atics)

Drama Thriller

Director: Maneesh Sharma

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Sayani Gupta.


The limits of love and obsession, not defined yet defied at times edging the threshold, turning itself into insanity. Such is the case. SRK has previously played the character of an obsessive psychotic before, remember Darr. But unlike Darr, in Fan, he is the assailant and the victim as well.

Gaurav Chandna lives in Inder Vihar, Delhi and is an extremely obsessed fan of Aryan Khanna, a big Hindi film superstar. He bears a resemblance to his idol Aryan and he can also do a pitch-perfect imitation of the superstar. He wins a trophy of ‘best actor’ in a local ‘Super Sitara’ competition by imitating Aryan and then gifting the trophy to his idol, Aryan Khanna becomes the sole purpose of his life. He embarks on a pilgrimage to Mumbai (without ticket). He traces Aryan’s journey back to his struggling days and like a true fan, he stays in the same hotel room where Aryan stayed. When he reaches the star’s house, he finds himself lost in other hundreds of fans like him. After being turned away from his home he goes below the belt and does something wicked to please him but unlike his expectation, Aryan wasn’t happy with whatever he did and as a result, he was sent to jail. This experience leaves him dejected and disappointed, and all his hero-love turns into hatred. He comes back to Delhi and burns away all Aryan Khanna posters and now all he wants is to make Aryan Khanna regret. The movie becomes dark and although Gaurav is the negative character in the movie but it also sheds some light on how narcissistic some stars are that even saying a simple sorry defies their ego.

The first half ends and so does the logic and the movie becomes implausible but I’m preety sure it will not bother true SRK fans. Despite all the security, Gaurav manages to pull off some egregious acts in the name of the superstar, which makes the movie absurd and when Gaurav succeeds in deceiving Aryan’s home-guard and his wife as well, the movie becomes silly to some extent. The character of Gaurav was well crafted but playing it must be a challenging job and after Happy New Year and Dilwale, I wasn’t expecting much from SRK but to my surprise, he nailed it. Aryan’s character was similar to his own self and he played both the roles fantastically. Editing is good and they’ve done a good job by not keeping any song in the movie. Dialogues are good and Sharat Kataria, the dialogue writer has maintained the Delhi-ness of Gaurav. Makeup team surely has worked hard in making Shah Rukh appear a goblin looking FANatic Gaurav. Shah Rukh Khan keeps you hooked. A Fan like Gaurav Chandna is certainly a nightmare also for many real superstars.

FAN may not be a great movie but it delivers what it promised in the trailer and manages to keep the viewers on the edge.

Rating (3/5)