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How being unemployed feels

Every night when you go to sleep, you fear you will end up becoming a drug-addict child-abusing primary school teacher, or worse a bank employee. That’s the fear of unemployment feeding off your dreams and goals. Things are changing, those who used to stay over and smoke a joint are now busy preparing assignments or looking for jobs with Saturdays off.
There are two types of people, one who are always prepared for everything that life throws at them, like an armed Arya Stark ready to slit the throat of Lord Baelish at the drop of a hat. The other one is of those who once in a while need to take a pause and understand what is going on in life. I’m the second kind, I’m not good with changes and I often lose track of time.


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Winters have arrived and brought with itself the eternal bliss of a runny nose and the joy of evening tea. Every Morning when I wake up, I see people rushing to their respective offices, students rushing to their colleges and kids just running around because they are stupid. It is chaos, but as Lord Baelish once said ‘Chaos is a ladder’. This chaotic race makes me sick to my stomach and the fact that soon I’ll have to join the minion army of uniform-clad sycophants, makes me reach for the ladder aforementioned. The ladder that always takes me to the first floor, right into my bedroom. While I’m lying in my bed trying to finish Salman Rushdie’s ‘The Golden House’, thoughts start to pop up inside my head and take my focus away.


My college has figured out the perfect way to fuck with our free time. College Assignments are inevitable drudgery we all go through but there is something special about mine. Your college assignments may require a little research, but mine takes just some Google searches and hours of scribing useless information on papers that will be sold to a junk dealer by the college for some extra profit.

To escape the harsh reality, I log in to my Facebook account and scroll through the virtual life of my fellas. It seems like everybody on the planet is having a good time, trekking, camping and all the other -ings that make me feel bad about my account balance. People posting 30 selfies with beautiful HRs of their offices on Diwali adds up to my sorrow.


And then I fall asleep, only to wake up with an unfinished book on my bed, unfinished assignments on my table and an unfinished life in which I have to deal with assholes who post 30 selfies with their HR, with the caption ‘Celebrating Diwali with a new cracker’.


A friend with weed is a friend indeed…

Confession needs to be made that I’ve rolled only three-four times in my life, I’ve my friends for this crucial task. My first few weeks in college went into recruiting people and on the very first day, I met him, the master of the art of rolling. BHANDari is every stoner in the world, he is skinny, by which I mean his pointy shoulders are hanging by the support of collar bones of the shape of chopsticks, his Adam’s Apple at the verge of jumping out of his throat along with long hairs, a pair of ever bloodshot eyes and completely blank deadpan face.
In a group of stoners, you can freely be yourself, nobody is going to judge you. Stoners are nothing but free thinking liberal pacifist people who believe in making joints, not war. People fighting after getting drunk; very common, people killing each other after sniffing cocaine; happens every day, Meth heads running car over people; happens very often but have you ever heard of a pot smokers raising his voice at another smoker? The worst he can do is to eat all your nachos and not laugh at your joke.
So grab your pot, ignite the tail and take a shot and enlighten yourself why pot heads make amazing friends:
tom and jerry high af

  1. The Warm Welcome:  Ever since my seniors got to know that I am one of them, every once in a while some guy just appears out of nowhere while I’m walking through the corridor and asks me ‘Bruh, you want some?’
    You are a newborn to the community and needs to be fed well, so they babysit you,

    they take care of all your needs
    and teach you how to remove seeds
    or how to identify the unadulterated of em’ all
    as well as how to crush the weed
    and make sure to update your playlist with Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin,
    so you listen to it until your ear bleeds
    yes, they are the true-blue allies indeed.
    (still a better rap than yo yo who-dafaq Singh)

    my turn

  2. Equality: The pot head community is the most accepting one. No matter who you are, from which class, color, caste, religion, creed, species or planet you belong to, if you smoke, they are there for you, always ready to give you a hand in wrapping up 40-45 minutes of visa into a world of amplified sound and distorted vision in a four-inch of Odet Cascadec Ballore (OCB). They enlighten you about the holiness of the sacred grass that is crushed and smoked, the pilgrimages they have done to Manali and Himachal for it, the medicinal benefits and so on, so that you also start to believe that world can’t run without two things; oxygen and weed.tumblr_o37v2q80QL1v8z7nxo1_500
  3. Innovative: The world of stoners is ever-evolving, long ago Indian Sadhus used to chill in the Himalayas with a Chillum filled with hash, tobacco and of course cannabis. What Red Wine is to Catholics, as what Chillum is to our savage Sadhus. This holy tradition passed on to the younger generations and soon we had a paper entirely dedicated to roll up and smoke, but that was never enough for our parched lungs. Our innovation transcending all the human-made limits that said ‘used coke bottles are of no reuse’ and led to the invention of the most sophisticated of all, the abode of ecstasy, Bong, which looks like a chemistry lab equipment. Made with just an empty bottle, an empty pen tube, a Chillum holder and lots of happiness, Bong is the epitome of innovation and recycling. And my rolling buddies took their innovation and Eco-friendliness a little too far and created history. Never before in the history of robberies a bunch of people broke-in an ATM not for cash, but for cash receipts that ATMs spits out after every transaction. Never before in the history of addiction a bunch of high-spirited guys broke-in a closed ATM at midnight because apparently the ATM slips are thin enough and perfectly shaped.bag o weee
  4. Emotionally Available: Some people say that lovers holding hands and walking towards the sunset with broad smiles that says ‘and they lived happily ever after’ is the most heart-touching thing, I say ‘Bullshit!!! Have you ever seen a stoner telling his stoner buddy who is having a BT ‘Sab theek ho jayeega bhaai, acha acha soch!’? That’s the most heart-warming thing man because we men are terrible at expressing ourselves. It is when our lungs are filled with smoke and our mind flooded with triggered dopamine, we behave the most emotionally.

    If you want a marry a guy;
    ask him when he is high.
    (here we go, again a better rap line)